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Despite winning the Super Bowl to cap off his NFL career, Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis of the Ravens lost a reality TV competition. Lewis placed second in the CBS reality competition “Beyond the Edge.” Colton Underwood, a former “Bachelor” on ABC’s reality dating series who later came out as homosexual, won the competition.

Lewis is 17 years older than Colton, who was a linebacker in the NFL. After playing at Illinois State and going undrafted, he spent time with the Eagles, Chargers, and Raiders’ practice teams.

Lewis donated $134,166 for his preferred charity, the Baltimore Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, even though he didn’t win. Lewis continued to compete each day, and the more challenges he overcame, the more money he was able to raise.

Lewis and the team’s other linebackers were trained by former Hall of Fame linebacker and NFL coach Mike Singletary in Baltimore from 2003 to 2004. Singletary received $105,666 for his nonprofit organization, Changing Our Perspective. For the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, which works to combat cystic fibrosis, Underwood raised $266,500.

On the show, Lewis spent 15 days in the jungle. In March, soon before the show’s premiere, he spoke on “The Lounge” podcast to discuss his experience. Lewis added, “I don’t know how I accepted being on this show.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, I think, is this.Why? mainly because most of it was unforeseen. You simply never knew what would happen next. Horrible. A truly awful experience.However, I believe that the relationships and friendships that were formed were the result of a man’s spiritual awakening.

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