Actress Genet Nigatu’s Best Wish For Her Father

capable of quickly changing their moods based on whether their internet connection is adequate or whether their social media posts get the desired number of “Likes.” Their relationships have a shelf life, which can make them either overly laid back or entirely aloof. Uncertain about their goals or what should be their top priority. These frequently change as a result of exposure to social media, influencers, peers, and, of course, overprotective parents.

Due to the abundance of alternatives available to them—from clothing to careers to many online challenges—our youngsters live in unquestionably more COMPLEX times than we do. Social media also dictates what we should wear, eat, sleep, and most importantly, how we should live our lives. I have no courage at all. Whether it’s ordering the same foods at a restaurant or taking the same route, I’m not eager to change things that are effective for me.

Activities outside are also forbidden. I tend to err on the side of caution by nature. My hubby loves to be outside and is very adventurous when it comes to eating, travel, and sports. He loves sports and is the biggest fan of my daughters’ cheer leading. In order to enable his girls to explore new things and new experiences in life, he instills in them the habits of exploration and adventure.

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