Actress Etsehiwot Abebe Sensational Birthday Party

When I was a child, there was nothing I coveted more than coming home to a surprise birthday celebration waiting for me. I’ve been lucky to have many occasions to celebrate, but I’ve never attended a surprise party.

My kids are unable to say the same. I’m obsessed with surprising my kids whenever I can, which may be due to the fact that I don’t do surprises very often. Having said that, my favorite birthday celebrations are surprises!

It has long been customary to celebrate birthday surprises. The custom of commemorating one’s birthdate has its roots in paganism. Due to its association with paganism, birthday celebrations weren’t extremely common among Christians in those days. The origin of birthdays can be traced to the pagan belief that malevolent spirits lurk nearby on significant days of transition, such as the day you turned a year older.

Ancient Greek philosophies also had the view that ghosts would visit people on their birthdays to keep an eye on them. According to the booklore of birthdays, on the day a person was born, spirits were thought to have a mystic connection with God.

The manner in which birthdays are celebrated has varied over time due to numerous inclusions. Here are some of the most well-known traditions and their origin stories, including birthday candles and surprises.

This started out as an effort to stave off malevolent spirits. They are the doorway to hope, a light in the shadows. The participation in the custom of celebrating children’s birthdays is attributed to the Germans. The song “happy birthday to you” appeared as pop culture references increased, and it has been widely popular ever since.

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