Actress Adey Speech After Winning Artist Of The Year Award At Nuna Ethiopia

Today, June 11, 2015, saw the official opening of the Leghar Amled Ethiopia building, which was announced by Nuna Ethiopia. Invited guests, industry actors, senior government officials, bank executives, and private investors attended. According to reports, the organization employs a sustainable financial model while operating in a number of industries, including the digital economy, tourism, agriculture, education, and health.

Nuna Ethiopia is a multifaceted business that prioritises the creation of jobs, economic expansion, and social progress in our nation. With its headquarters in Addis Abeba, Nuna has established an independent institutional framework and is reportedly working to expand throughout a number of regional cities as well as the East African region. Nuna is credited with creating a number of financing models to assist business owners in advancing their concepts over the course of six to twelve months and entering the global market. As a result, it is stated that Nuna will operate in accordance with the founding investors’, local investors’, and foreign investors’ investment strategies.

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