Actor Million Wolde Introduced His Family For The First Time

Other than your relationship with your SO, there is a relationship that needs some attention as your big day draws near: the one involving your parents and your future spouse! It’s time for their first meeting if they haven’t already, and even if they’ve already had a chance to talk, now is the perfect moment to get to know one other a little bit better. For their best advice on how to start this significant partnership off on the right foot, we turned to our experts.

To set up that initial meeting, it is customary for the parents of the groom to contact the parents of the bride. Although we’re all for tradition, your parents can definitely initiate contact if your mom is eager to meet your prospective mother-in-law (and your FMIL doesn’t spend her life in accordance with Emily Post). Or, if you don’t want to take a chance, you two can schedule a meeting.

This choice is becoming in popularity, especially among long-term relationships. You might need to set up two separate meetings if your partner’s parents are divorced (especially if the divorcing parents don’t exactly get along). Regardless of whose parent you may be closer to, if at all feasible, try to give both parents an opportunity to meet your in-laws before your wedding.

Arranging a rendezvous might not be that tough if you and your S.O. grew up close to one another. Getting your parents together could be difficult if you are from the East Coast, your spouse is from the Midwest, and you both live in California. Even though it seems be the simplest option, having both your parents and your potential in-laws visit for several days at once might be stressful because there isn’t a simple way to get out of it. In this case, meeting in the days before the wedding is most likely your best option.

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