Actor Engidasew Habte’s View About Ethiopian Film Industry

Mitiku Fente, a comedian, is interviewed. I received an unexpected invitation at the comedian’s home. The entire nation was shocked when the tragic news of Tariku (Baba) Birhanu’s sudden death began to circulate a few months ago. Since then, his devoted followers have been mourning his loss and paying respect to him in their own special ways.

Tariku, an accomplished actor, producer, and director in the Ethiopian film industry, died at the age of 38. He has played the lead role in more than 40 Ethiopian movies, earning him the title “pioneer” in the nation’s film industry.

The Ethiopian film industry continues to grow each year despite obstacles like the high cost of production, the lack of artistic freedom, and the recent COVID-19 epidemic that resulted in a lockdown that hindered filming and production. Despite this, Ethiopia can produce over 100 films annually, making it one of the nation’s most active industries.

The critically acclaimed Ethiopian films “Yefikir ABCD,” “Martreza,” “be97,” “Yimechish Yarada Lij,” and many others all featured Tariku as a leading actor or co-star. His efforts were honored with numerous accolades and awards, including the Leza Awards.

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