A Welcoming Ceremony Of Newly Wed Singer Zebiba Girma

The blessing of mother, Welcome back my son after 17 years. AFRAA has said that it is taking specific actions after realising the risk of the African airline industry’s stagnation. The African Air Sustainability Laboratory was hosted in the Nairobi AFRAA headquarters in June and July of last year. This brought together players from the tourist, trade, and financial sectors in addition to the aviation industry to really try and identify the issue facing African airlines and how we can come up with solutions to deal with it.

The need to increase African airlines’ traffic from what it is now, particularly on our intercontinental routes, was one of the important areas that was recognized. It was agreed that if fully implemented on regional flights, it may assist our airlines in seizing control of their inter-African routes. We believe that the intercontinental lines are the source of the issue, and by 2027 we intend to double their volume. A task team was assigned to try and solve the problems so we could advance to that level, and a variety of actions were outlined in order to do this.

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