A week following her graduation, we got married

I received baby-like attention from her. A week following her graduation, we got married. Painter Seyoum Ayalew, the association’s president, contends that creative ideas shouldn’t be limited to canvases and that instead, artists can use the streets as another platform for communicating with the general public.

Street art is actually a rather widespread form of expression elsewhere in the world. Street paintings, often known as graffiti art, have an important impact on culture in many nations by becoming a preferred medium of expression. The majority of graffiti artists are known for tackling difficult political and social problems and criticizing established structures.

Contrary to what the majority of street performers in Ethiopia believe, viewers like Zemen Ayele assert that a sizeable portion of Ethiopian society actually finds enjoyment in the so-called street performances and artistic endeavors.

Zemen feels that the street painting she observed on Bole Road is an excellent start. She is adamant that this type of art should be supported, but she also acknowledges that some people are only doing it for the money and that over time, artistic beauty is being lost.

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