A unique tale that appeals to the heart

From the Netherlands to Addis Abeba looking for a mother. A heartfelt tale with special qualities. To find out how television influences children’s conduct, comparable research has been carried out in Africa. Suleiman Usaini’s research in Nigeria on how television entertainment affects young people’s social behavior (Usaini, 2010).

The study’s objectives were to determine how frequently adolescents watch entertainment television, what types of entertainment programming they prefer, what they focus on when watching those programs, and how those programs affect how they perceive social conduct in their surroundings (Usaini, 2010). It employed a dual study design (survey and group discussion).

Covenant University, Ota, Bang Ogun 100-level undergraduate students served as the sample of 339 respondents who filled out the questionnaire used to gather data for the survey. Twelve participants were separated into two equal groups, men and women, and data were collected via a group chat tutor, dwarves, or a tape recorder (Usaini, 2010).

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