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A stunning woman’s hair makeover

Okay, everyone, today I’ll show you how I wear my tutu for seven days to replace my hair. I’m going to use a deep wave today to show you how to achieve this. As soon as I start working with a customer, I make sure that my tone is appropriate. You can tell that this color is the darkest and most obscure one, and it certainly doesn’t fit his tone. However, it would seem strange if I managed to apply it to his head of hair. The next thing I’m going to do is really create his hairline as most clients are just beginning this cycle when they arrive. You’ll next need to work with your customer to determine exactly where they resembled the h, so I won’t use this shading as this is my one beat and it appears more in line with the color of his hair. As a result, I’m going to feel free to utilize the 1b in place of the 1.

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