A Father Of Two Beautiful Children Sadly Committed Suicide

It’s impossible to fathom what motivated late father Bereket DB to take his own life. If there weren’t any obvious warning signs, you could be wondering what cues you might have missed. A person’s decision to commit suicide is frequently the result of a complex combination of variables. Instead of thoroughly planning their suicide, most people decide to do it impulsively just before they commit it.

Although there are many things that can affect someone’s decision to end their life, severe depression is the most common one. People who are depressed may experience intense emotional pain, a loss of hope, and an inability to perceive any alternative means of easing their suffering save taking their own lives.

Even many years after a traumatic event, such as childhood sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, or war trauma, a person is more likely to commit suicide. The risk is substantially increased if a person has multiple traumatic events or post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). This is in part because depression, which frequently develops after trauma and in PTSD sufferers, can result in emotions of hopelessness and helplessness that may eventually lead to suicide.

When someone is suicidal, drugs and alcohol can also have an impact on them, making them more impulsive and likely to act on their inclinations than they would be sober. Use of drugs and alcohol can lead to other causes of suicide, such as breakups of relationships and occupations. People with depression and other psychological problems have greater incidence of substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder. The risks rise when you combine these.

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