A conversation with the artists Maramawit and Tomi

When messaging a female for the first time, you want to make a good impression. However, using standard salutations like “hi” or “how are you?” won’t help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re texting or speaking in person, there are a ton of funny and clever ways to start a conversation. You can pick from a variety of humorous quotes, thought-provoking queries, and other conversation starters that we’ve posted before you begin your chat. Start the discussion with a humorous but thought-provoking question that gets her thinking. then listen to where the conversation goes! Would you rather live in a mansion with your worst enemy or a run-down flat with your best friend? could spark a funny and interesting conversation. Which would you choose: a single eye or two noses? Also amusing conversation starters are “Would you like to chew on an entire lemon or a raw potato?” If the world is ever overrun by zombies, ask her about her escape strategies and survival tactics. Then describe to her your survival plan. You’ll both laugh a lot together as you both point out the obvious flaws and issues with one another’s plans. To see how she responds, try including a pun or joke in your introductory message. Use puns in your later correspondences if she finds them to be witty enough.

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