A celebration of the musician Alemayehu Eshete

It makes you feel better to laugh. And the nice feelings last long after the laughter ends. Humor supports you in keeping a happy, enthusiastic attitude despite difficult circumstances, disappointments, and loss. Laughter provides more than just a release from misery and pain; it also offers you the courage and strength to search for new meanings and sources of hope. Even in the most stressful situations, a grin or even just a simple laugh can improve your attitude significantly. And it’s true that laughing spreads easily; you can even chuckle and join in on the pleasure just by hearing it. Laughter soothes negative feelings. You can’t be anxious, irate, or depressed when you’re laughing. Laughter encourages regeneration and relaxation. Because it reduces stress and increases energy, you can maintain focus and do more. Laughter changes the way you see things, allowing you to see things more realistically and non-threateningly. A humorous attitude encourages psychological distance, which can help you resolve disagreement and avoid overwhelming sentiments. Laughter has a significant impact on all parts of your mental and emotional wellness as you become more social. The bulk of chuckles are actually produced simply by spending time with friends and family. Sharing a laugh is half the fun. And this social aspect of laughter has a significant impact on its health benefits. You can’t have joy laughing with others until you take the effort to genuinely connect with them.

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