What We Didn’t Know About Entrepreneur Yetnayet Tamrat

Yetnayet Tamrat also known as Mimi Tamrat, who was born in Addis Abeba in 1986 GC, is a mother, businesswoman, philanthropist, and artist. She grew up in a very devoted home with her two brothers.
She had to learn to advocate for herself and develop her independence early in life because she was the only daughter in the family.

She was brought up to be independent and self-assured. She has developed excellent self-discipline thanks to her parents’ guidance in the area of etiquette. She used to take trips to the countryside as a little child over the holidays to visit her grandparents. She still remembers the joy and fragrance of the flowers, the enchanted views of the spectacular vistas, and the symmetrical movements of the trees as if nature had choreographed their movements. She still recalls her grandparents’ endearing smile most of all.

She likes experiencing the present moment, being in nature, and getting to know other people from the countryside. These prompted ideas and inspired her to pursue several pastimes that are related to caring for the environment and assisting people. Among her numerous interests, gardening is one that helps her feel connected to nature; she thinks that if one is willing to listen, any living thing on the planet can communicate. Walking She believes that the plants in her garden communicate with her and enable her to enter a state of peace and tranquility. She is also able to connect with her inner serenity and listen to herself thanks to this experience.

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