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A Lawyer Criticized The Justice System

Making ends meet is a requirement for all businesses, even nonprofits. If not, your charity won’t be able to continue. And as a lot of organizations quickly discover, it makes no difference if the economy is expanding or contracting. It’s critical to manage the financial resources of your firm carefully.

However, here’s a query you have probably not thought of: Could it be that despite your best attempts to maintain the strength of your program, you are unknowingly misusing funds? Is it conceivable that you are breaking the law gravely? You may be if you are unaware of what the IRS and state regulations say about limited cash.

Unfortunately, NGOs tend to get this scenario incorrectly quite often. The majority of the time, it is an innocent attempt by a board or by an Executive Director to be good stewards of the money people have donated. With completely innocent and positive intent, they proceed to act in a manner that is totally against the rules.

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