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Unexpected Police Report Shakes The Community

As they proceed through the museum’s first section, guests are confronted with an impressive collection of relics. His Majesty’s royal clothing, together with accoutrements like hats and watches, adorn the display, lending the area a palpable sense of historical significance.

Images of significant political personalities from the era, such as Mengistu and Germame Neway, stand alongside these objects as enduring representations of the turbulent political climate of the time.

A moving depiction of the demise of the feudal era and the rise of the powerful Derg government marks the culminating high point of this comprehensive journey through the museum’s first phase. Crammed into a modest blue Volkswagen Beetle, this poignant picture depicts the Emperor’s covert relocation to the military barracks—a symbolic portrayal of power stripped away.

Muluneh Haile, a steadfast guide who has been shepherding visitors through the museum since its inception in 2010, shares an intimate connection with the exhibits. He endured the horrors of the Red Terror and tragically lost his brother to the mass atrocities, rendering his insights all the more poignant and deeply personal.

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