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Amazing Moment With Legendary Linger Meselu Fantahun and Her Son

I’ll give you some simple answers about how we should shift our attention. In the locations where we will be performing water tracking, we must prepare water wells. Next, we confirm that these water wells are powered by solar energy and provide a steady supply of water to the hospitals and other towns.

To begin local food production, we should better organize ourselves in the places where food is distributed. This includes raising chickens, gardening in one’s own backyard, and creating technology for climate adaption.

This is how climate adaption is going to go. Naturally, it can’t occur in a single evening. First and foremost, I want to acknowledge and applaud all initiatives aimed at fostering national harmony. The UN’s involvement in the peace process is to offer a peace dividend. That is directly related to our projects, which are implemented with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and some other partners.

We support programmes such as the Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) for ex-combatants. We have another one, a peace support programme for northern Ethiopia covering Tigray, Amhar and Afar to create livelihoods, to create jobs, to provide people with alternative opportunities.

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