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New Project Launched To Boost Hidden Artifacts and Cultural Heritages

African governments and specialists would have to scour the continent for hidden treasures and unearthed cultural and historical artifacts before bringing them to the notice of the world. In this regard, the Egyptians have accomplished a tremendous deal of admirable work. Their current state is being nourished and enhanced by their ongoing quest for their history.

Ethiopia has also carried out comparable initiatives in the past, however they are a little slow now. African anthropologists ought to prioritize the continent’s hidden treasures and use their expertise to help the continent uncover and illuminate its historical civilizations for the sake of advancing both spiritually and materially.

By giving young people training, intentional groups should also provide them with financial assistance. There are so many African philosophers, ethnologists, anthropologists, and so on, living in the West and lecturing at prestigious universities. These elite intellectuals should come down to Africa, study their traditions and cultures, and contribute to the collection of Africa’s patrimonies or heritages under one roof.

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