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6 factors that cause gray hair

a few of the reasons for gray hair. According to the Dermatology Department at Mount Sinai Hospital, men and women typically start to get gray hair between the ages of 34 and 44. People under the age of 20 can develop juvenile gray hair, which is mostly inherited. In case you didn’t know, the pigment cells in your hair follicles produce the melanin that gives your hair its color. The body ceases manufacturing melanin when the hair turns gray, silver, or white. Your hair grows and sheds naturally throughout your life, and beyond the age of 35, it most likely starts to turn gray once more. Don’t immediately blame your children or lover for your new silver strand; stress can play a part. Stress can make hair fall out, but if the hair is already gray, it will turn gray when it regrows. According to Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetics and clinical research at Mount He-Sinai Dermatology in New York, “it’s uncertain whether mental turmoil is connected with gray hair. We are aware that stress can have an impact on the body, obstruct wound healing, and increase inflammation. If we discover a relationship, I wouldn’t be shocked. It is your choice what you do at this point. Silver fox Jamie Lee Curtis has an extremely cool pixie cut and wears gray. Model Mae Musk has a thick white bob and is absolutely stunning. Regardless of your objectives, you persist with your natural dark tone because you adore it.

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