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20th Wedding Anniversary Of Legendary Actor Serawit Fikre

No one thought I would be a calm bride. Not me, with my phone number for my clothes store speed-dialed and my stuffed three-ring wedding planner. But I wanted to be the leading lady, not the stage director, on my big day. My motto is “I won’t freak out on my wedding day.” I’m happy I was able to keep my cool and have fun. Yes, to the extent that when I arrived at the church, I couldn’t find my brother, one of the groomsmen. Despite all my planning, the limo left the hotel and he was left stranded without a ride. Though he took a while to arrive at the church, the ceremony started later than expected, it wasn’t a total bust. If you possess every details down pat before the big day, you will feel more at peace. Establish a filing system to organize your contracts, invoices, and notes as soon as you begin preparing.

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